Walking down the street in London, reading a book on a bench in Sofia, or simply enjoying the seaside view in Knokke-Heist. This is intimacy. People in their own thoughts, all over the world. In the camera’s eyes, they are all the same. The camera doesn’t care for skin color, wealth, age or the clothes one wears. It only “sees” in black and white. It only “sees” in the subject’s intimacy. The characters are the center of attention, the surroundings blending to create a universal geography, continuously expanding as the project grows.

"Intimacy" started out as a case-study on “globalization” back in 2007, the year Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU, and it’s an ongoing, ever-evolving structure. I try to question the nature of borders and differences by focusing on human beings at their most vulnerable. In a society where borders are as present as they are obsolete, what divides us?

Intimacy requires empathy - the ability to stand in the others shoes. We can all recognize ourselves in a woman lost in thoughts on a late-night subway even though she rides the London tube while we take the bus on the opposite end of the continent. We all have cravings, secret desires, hurtful memories and thoughts we dwell on. These lifelines are what ties us all together and yet, they are also what sets us apart. We are all unique, just like everybody else.